C-130 SBTA® Features

Product Features

The C-130 SBTA® suite is a complete and powerful interactive training aid. It was originally created for and in close collaboration with instructors and subject matter experts from the Canadian Armed Forces.

The C-130 SBTA® was developed using our trademarked SBTA® concept, a customized developmental approach and methodology that accurately reproduces the normal and abnormal behaviours of any system, sub-system, or process.

Full System Coverage

Each C-130 SBTA® module not only replaces the need for electromechanical training aids but also provides full coverage of a system through the use of the latest in multimedia technologies. It covers, with a very high degree of accuracy, complex systems and sub-systems aboard the C-130 Hercules aircraft.

Each module also integrates numerous multimedia elements that significantly enhance training such as:

  • System and electrical schematic simulations
  • Animations
  • High resolution photographs
  • Graphic illustrations
  • Diagrams & schematics
  • Video clips

“The C-130 SBTA® suite is so complete that it is the next best thing to having the aircraft in the classroom.”
- US Air National Guard