For Instructors

  • Stimulates the learning environment: The C-130 SBTA® software module renders instructors’ delivery method more stimulating. The learning environment changes from a passive presentation/lecture approach to a dynamic, interesting, and interactive show and tell. The multimedia elements (high-resolution photographs, graphic illustrations, diagrams, schematics, 2D/3D animations, audio and video clips) complement the instructor’s lecture. The modules facilitate and reinforce the instructors’ point by making it more clearer, more precise, and more engaging. The suite also replaces the need for several presentation tools (OHPs, videos, electromechanical boards, components etc) making the training process simpler and more responsive to instructors’ needs.

  • Diffuses know-how using demonstrations. Instructors can demonstrate procedures and ask learners to reproduce them using the sequence recorder or to experiment on their own.

  • Maximizes class time: instructors are provided with a better tool to produce class material prior to class time and as a result are better organized in their work. By using features such as “Aircraft Status”, “Sequence Recorder”, and “Snapshot Recorder,” instructors gain additional time to go in-depth for selected topics and/or build in a Q&A session.

  • Starting with version 2 of the C-130 SBTA® software suite, it is possible to create hyperlinks in a presentation to launch any module of the C-130 SBTA® software suite in a saved snapshot or sequence state.

For Learners

  • Improves System Comprehension: Simulation is recognized to be the most effective learning strategy to ensure the mastering of complex procedures and higher level of knowledge. Learners can practice these procedures without the use of real equipment. They can identify their weaknesses, hesitations, and adjust themselves accordingly.

  • Ensures greater information retention: The C-130 SBTA® software modules use accurate reproductions of all applicable control panels and schematics pulled directly from official technical manuals. This provides users with a level of comfort since the application interface has been designed around the aircraft views and controls that both instructors and students know well.

  • Trial and error is encouraged: Learners practice on their own and can explore different scenarios in a safe environment that allows them to make mistakes. Learners discover and apply the gained knowledge using the material that was taught. Learners are encouraged to take initiative in decision-making and become more autonomous when problems occur.

  • Reinforces learning: The C-130 SBTA® provides feedback allowing learners to see the consequences of their actions when manipulating the various sub-systems, control panels, indicators, components, and electrical schematics. There is no negative learning as feedback is given when learners do not perform a correct action.

  • Optimizes knowledge transfer: The high level of accuracy makes the simulations functionally valid when compared to its true operating environment. Also, the ability to free-play and practice procedures facilitates the transition from classroom and practical lessons to performance in the actual aircraft. The C-130 SBTA® also enables the learner to familiarize and rehearse required skill sets before employing the aircraft.

For the organization

  • Standardizes Training Methodology: Training organizations are being asked to do more with less. Instructors must be able to teach more systems and in more details than ever before. Because of the standardized content and ease of use provided by the C-130 SBTA®, the learning curve of new or transitioning instructors is greatly shortened making them more productive and more versatile, more quickly. The high quality of the training content provides new levels of support to instructors enhancing the overall quality of teaching.

  • Supports Existing Training: The C-130 SBTA® suite is designed to support any C-130 curriculum. It can simply and easily be incorporated into existing training programs. It is a fast and cost-effective enhancement for any existing training solution. By bringing aircraft systems to classrooms, traditional static material is replaced with hands-on experience.

  • Reduces Training Time: Based on the experience of the Canadian Armed Forces in using the C-130 SBTA®, the overall training time was reduced by as much as 20% to 50%, depending on the system taught. Productivity was improved, providing instructors with more classroom time to cover in-depth material and learners with free play practice for operating individual C-130 aircraft systems.

  • Portable: The C-130 SBTA® software suite is an autonomous self-contained training solution delivered on a single CD-ROM making it portable and simple to setup anywhere. Instructors and their training aids become mobile allowing training organizations to deploy their training resources more effectively and on a moment’s notice.