• Simgraph has recently added, as an option, instructor-led content that enhances the C-130 SBTA® Software Suite. The complete maintenance technician training solution is derived from a 25-day standard lesson plan that leverages the full potential of the C-130 SBTA modules. In addition to the SBTA modules, the solution includes instructor and student guides, additional presentations and formal exams.

    • 900 pages of instructor guides,
    • 650 pages of illustrated student guides,
    • 250 slides of PowerPoint presentations,
    • 500 quiz and multiple-choice exam questions & answers.

  • The outline of the courseware available for the C-130 SBTA® Software Suite is as follows;

    • Aircraft Fuel,
    • Electrical Distribution,
    • Engine,
    • Engine Fuel,
    • GTC and APU,
    • Hydraulics,
    • Pneumatics,
    • Propeller

  • Additionally, 13 stand alone presentations are used to cover material not found in the C-130 SBTA® Software Suite;

    • Aerial Delivery System,
    • Air Deflector Doors,
    • Door Warning,
    • Emergency Lighting,
    • Exterior Lighting,
    • Galley,
    • Ground Run Safety,
    • Interior Lighting,
    • Nesa Windows,
    • Oxygen,
    • Pitot Static,
    • Troop Jump light and Alarm,
    • Windshield Wiper.

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