A few projects signed Simgraph

Each project is unique and created to answer our clients’ specific needs. Here are a few examples.

As part of their Strategic Equipment Certification process, Hydro-Québec requires their suppliers to include detailed training material. ABB has entrusted Simgraph with the development of e-learning modules, training aids and on-line reference manuals on their equipment.

Overview of the Project:

Following new US regulations, CN must integrate a Positive Train Control solution into their transportation system. The project requires significant investment to update their infrastructure and add new automatic train stop technologies, should conditions so warrant. Through a series of mandates, Simgraph produced 2D/3D animation videos of the adopted solution as well as several e-learning modules for personnel at all levels.

Overview of the Projects:

The implementation of a new Multi-banner Lead Management system requires the creation of training tools for employees to learn and adopt the system. The proposed bilingual solution is based on a hybrid approach of training videos, illustrated user guides customized to user groups, self-help reference cards and e-learning modules for Lowe's staff and affiliated contractors.

Overview of the Projects:

Since 2001, Simgraph has completed several training solution design mandates for both civil aviation (12 aircrafts) and military customers, as well as internal deployment of e-learning solutions. Simgraph's technical expertise at its best, our "Active Schematics" – or dynamic technical diagrams – integrate and complement the simulation solutions proposed by this world leader.

Overview of the Projects:

To stand out from the competition, Groupe Robert, a leader in the transportation industry, provides their drivers with numerous e-learning courses. The specific context of this industry supports a learning method that combines the traditional classroom method and self-training. The conversion of the existing teaching material, the creation of new contents and the hosting of the training courses are part of Simgraph’s on-going mandate. Eco-driving is one of several topics in Groupe Robert’s curriculum.

Overview of the Projects:


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