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Simgraph is an innovative company that specializes in the design of custom interactive training solutions. Our teams of instructional designers, graphic designers, multimedia integrators and software developers, strive to create dynamic and stimulating training solutions.

The use of an interactive training approach allows learners to experience engaging and effective training solutions. The resulting interaction promotes knowledge retention and helps learners acquire the skills targeted by the learning objectives. Take advantage of our expertise to provide your employees with rewarding training solutions that will allow them to evolve.

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Our approach aims your employees and company evolution. Training developed with no regards to its sustainability is already obsolete. Whether your project involves deploying new employee training or reproducing a technical procedure for your plant personnel through an interactive training aid, our scalable training solutions will guide you on your journey.

Development, redesign, conversion, adaptation

Whether your training needs to be updated, redesigned or created, we will custom-develop them for you.

Possible Solutions

You can’t to find that specific training solution to answer your needs? No problem, we have the solution.


Simgraph offers a simple and accessible Learning Management System (LMS) service. Contact us and we’ll explain it all!

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The benefits of doing business with Simgraph

  • Seasoned team
  • Approach that reduces training time
  • Customized training, tailored to your needs
  • Flexible and scalable solutions

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