Our approach aims your employees and company evolution. Training developed with no regards to its sustainability is already obsolete.

Whether your project involves deploying new employee training or reproducing a technical procedure for your plant personnel through an interactive training aid, our scalable training solutions will guide you on your journey.

Development, redesign, conversion, adaptation

  • Your training material is still current, but the format is outdated. You would like to switch from a traditional training method to e-learning? We will ensure the conversion.
  • Hiring new employees for your workforce? Take the opportunity to transform your training programs by obtaining the most out of technology to offer stimulating training to the next generation of employees.
  • Recurring problems, repeated errors, broken equipment, threatened integrity, risks for your employees: now is the time to think about developing new training solutions that will help resolve the situation.

Possible solutions

  • Your training needs differ from those of other businesses; your employee's profile requires a tailored approach? Your specific business challenges are taken into account when we design your training solutions.
  • Interactive training aids! This solution addresses several issues. For example, the yearly mandatory reading of a lengthy document on the ethics code might be utter drudgery to many of your employees. An interactive training aid, adapted to their reality, could make this task easier and also save many trees!
  • Your instructors spend precious time explaining specific technical tasks using static presentations? Adding animations and simulations can make their jobs easier and foster learner understanding in less time.
  • There is no training for your equipment, your time tracking software or your new human resources management process? Simply leave your challenges with us and we will design your solutions.


  • You’ve already invested time and money buying or developing online training. This approach is appreciated by your employees and you would like to pursue this path further.
  • However, in order to keep track of your employees’ progress through the training you provide them, a learning management system (LMS) would make the administration easier and the management more efficient.
  • Simgraph offers a simple and competitively priced hosted Learning Management System (LMS) service that both managers and employees will appreciate. Contact us and we’ll explain it all!

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